Creation :)

I thought for the first few post I’ll be doing the basic of the Bible before actually digging through it.

The creation story can be found in Genesis 1:1-31 & 2:1-3. This is just the basic summary of what is written. If you don’t have a Bible and you want to follow along here is a link to an online Bible.

Fun facts:

Genesis means the beginning. It came from the Greek word gighesthai which means to be born.

Day 1 – Genesis 1:3-5

  • Light was created.
  • Light and dark were separated.
  • Light was called day and dark was called night.

Day 2 – Genesis 1:6-8

  • The sky was created.

Day 3 – Genesis 1:9-13

  • Land was created – Land came out of the water.
  • Water was called sea.
  • Pants were created.

Day 4 – Genesis 1: 14-19

  • The moon, stars, and sun were put into place.

Day 5 – Genesis 1:20-23

  • Sea creatures and birds began to live.

 Day 6 – Genesis 1:24-31

  • Land animals and humans were brought to life.
  • God told Adam and Eve to rule over the land and animals.

Day 7 – Genesis 2:1-3

  • God had finished his work so he rested
  • The day was called Sabbath


Have a wonderful day 🙂





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